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My best friend Tivoli is looking after me in Melbourne and here is her all in new gears looking sweet

Yeah I’m a bit of a babe. But fuck my ass sweated in that skirt.

Why did you never feel it? Pain?

You always feel it Sherlock. But you don’t have to fear it! Pain! Heartbreak. Loss. Death. It’s all good. So good.

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These trees gave me the chills, I loved them. And of course, I love him.

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Trying to plan a surprise birthday dinner for someone who hates birthdays with someone who knows even less than his good friends than I do. This’ll be interesting ….

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If you’ve ever known bicycling enthusiasts, you know they not only speak their own language, but practically live in their own world. Luckily, realizing enthusiasts’ worlds is what Dorothy does best. Previously covered on Co.Design for its maps based on TV showsfamous places in the moviesand literary London, Dorothy gives us its latest: the Bike Map, a four-color litho that maps out the weird world of cycling as if it were a real place.

pigglemouse asked:
Can you stop being so cute and happy in you're relationship? Just kidding. I'm so happy for you and it makes me excited of when I next have someone great stumble along :)

NOOOO WE CAN NEVER STOP! it is the fuzziest, best feeling and I can’t stop bragging about my amazing man (who just won my three Pooh bear teddies from the claw!!!!!) I am so excited for you and for everyone to find somebody this perrrrrfect.


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Boyfriend is scared of spanking me. But he has no issues with whipping me with a tea towel whilst I cook. He gets to have fun and I get nice red welts on my bottom. Everyone wins.

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I have somewhere to live. No more sharing my soulmates bed. (Our souls are always together, but sometimes our bodies need their own space)

No more keeping all my stuff in a stinky shed.

Even though it is on a really loud street (NEXT TO THE TRAIN LINE WOOO) I don’t even care.

I have only met two of my new flatmates (and forgotten one name…) but fuck they were rad. I think we are going to be a really neat little household and I am so excited to make new friends!



(at least until Benji arrives)

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My boyfriend is handy for everything.

Like inadvertently putting me back in touch with my babyhood best friend I haven’t spoken to in almost ten years lol wtf how is this world so small???

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